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Hancock Baskets

About Hancock Baskets

Hancock Baskets was founded by the present owner, Heather Dalrymple in 1984. A special needs counselor by trade, she started Hancock Baskets in order to stay at home with her young daughter.

Heather taught basket classes and sold her baskets to art centers and boutiques. Her designs took off when she invented the peanut basket. "At last... a place to put the empty nut shell!" The basket has the shape of a peanut and has one side for the nut and one side for the empty nut shell. She could not keep up with the demand, so she asked her dad, who was in international business, to help source overseas. Now all Hancock Baskets are made internationally.

What makes Hancock Baskets stand out from the rest? When designing baskets, Heather is always keeping in mind quality, esthetic beauty, function and affordability. Many of her designs come from simply solving storage issues in everyday life. A hamper for dirty clothes, a pet bed for the family dog and cat, a utensil basket for napkins and kitchen utensils, a basket designed for holding yarn and knitting needles, a peanut basket to hold the nut and empty shell, etc. Our needs are endless and Hancock Baskets seems to always be able to fill these needs.

Hancock baskets are hand woven from natural materials. The materials used for making Nantucket baskets are rattan, ash, and cherry. The scrimshaw is made from polymer and bone. The Shaker and Vintage Shaker style baskets are made using rattan or white ash. The Peggy Fisher bags, except for the Nantucket style ones, are made from ate (pronounced ata). Ate is a vine that grows in Bali. The Bali baskets are also made from ate.

We love having you as our customer and want to make you happy. Enjoy!